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"Fer Sure" new wave/punk paperdoll by JJ Buch

This website is the result of months of thinking about how art therapy, and specifically doll therapy, and collage artwork that I've done over the past ten years or so, has helped me heal. More precisely to discover, uncover and re-experience the traumatic things that have happened to me, the things that have carved out the person I am from the basic personality I started out as. These events, beginning in infancy, when I was still preverbal, can be followed like a timeline and expressed in the images that form my collages. Words, images, colors and lines come together to express what those silent and often preverbal personalities could not express. Sometimes they were silenced by threats of physical or other harm. But no one said they couldn't draw pictures! I sincerely hope these images help others who need to heal.

My focus this year will be on compiling all my notes and my timelines for the rough draft of my new book. I need a publishing house that prints books with high-glossy art such as is found in Fine Art books, and can accomodate my paperdolls and perforated tear-out pages (that will be an integral part of the book). The subject matter of the book deals with sexual abuse and other traumas, so it will be categorized in the psychology/self-help. With that, I leave you so I can keep working on my notes! -JJ
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